Moving can be a challenging time, thorough preparation will make the difference in how smooth the process will be for you. Selecting the right moving partner is a good place to start. That is where the art of choosing a local, yet reliable moving company comes in. It is always important to select a company that you can trust. If you are looking for a reliable, local moving company in Halifax, you should consider these 4 important things for a positive moving experience.

1.     Reputation

Reputation is the key factor in choosing a reliable company. It is important to do a little background check to see how well the company has managed to maintain its reputation in the market. A well-reputed company always tends to maintain its good standard by providing its clients with an exceptional experience. You can always verify this by checking their Google reviews and Facebook reviews if the companies have social accounts. If the company has positive feedback from past clients, then they might be the right moving partner for you.

2.     Insurance and Licensing

Trusting a company with your family relocation requires proper research of the moving company. Making sure that the company offering moving services is licensed and insured. Most licensed companies will include their license information on their website. The Better Business Bureau has a list of over 2000 trustworthy accredited businesses in Atlantic Canada. Always lookout for the BBB logo on the website of the moving company you are considering, or look up the company’s profile and rating on the BBB website.  Proper licensing and insurance policies ensure that your property will be handled and transported safely.

3.     Price

Who does not want to get the best value on their money? Choose a moving company with a reasonable package with the combination of exceptional services and the best prices. . You can start by checking what the packages include, for example, the number of movers, packing supplies and hourly rate.

4.     Additional Services

Check the company website for the additional services they offer. This could be the make or break. Most moving companies will offer a standard moving package that includes picking up your items, loading them, transporting and delivering them to your new location. However, with a little research, and the right questions when shortlisting potential moving companies in Halifax, you might be able to find one that offers additional services like packing your belongings for you, offering packing material or even storage. Always let the company know what you need when booking.

5.     Years of Service

An excellent track record over many years of services is a good indicator of expertise. Especially in residential moving or office moving, you want to choose a moving company that has experience in the area, understands the provincial guidelines and traffic patterns. With several new moving companies coming up in Halifax, be sure to check this.

To sum it up, you must consider all these things before you make a decision. It will make your experience worthwhile and you will be able to choose a company that would take care of your move in the best possible way.

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